Utility Creation

NFT Art in itself is such a cool thing to own and appreciate. However, oftentimes, adding a utility to the NFT art makes it more valuable and attractive to collectors. So what is a Utility?

Utility in NFTs are use cases beyond just being unique digital assets. Utility grants the NFT owner / collector privileges, rights, or rewards which they would not otherwise be able to access. Utility plays a big role in the success of the project. The add-on functions that an NFT provides to the owners can drive the value of the NFT.

Common types of utilities include unlockables, access and gameplay. An unlockable is an additional piece of content or experience that is unlocked by a collector once an NFT is minted. An access token is an upgraded version of unlockable tokens such as giving an exclusive access to a community, opportunities and other rewards.

Our team of developers can discuss with you the appropriate utility for your NFT and create it from the ground up making your NFT more valuable.